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With knowledge, innovation and enthusiasm, Miros is important for safety and the environment in marine areas.

The primary business focus of Miros is on the delivery of wave and water monitoring in general and integrated systems within the fields of Meteorology, Oceanography and Security.



Miros office

The extensive experience with wave monitoring has lead to the development of the Miros OSD (Oil Spill Detection) System which has become a standard for Oil Response Vessels on Norwegian oil fields.

Since the establishment in 1984 the company has developed advanced sensor systems, with associated management systems, in close cooperation with our clients, particularly in the offshore industry.

In the fields of Meteorology and Oceanography, Miros has developed sensor systems for wave and tide monitoring which are currently leading the market.

Miros has substantial experience in system integration. Our Met-Ocean and Heli-deck Monitoring systems, MIRIS Personnel Monitoring Systems, and our Intelligent Key Cabinets, are typical parent stations for multiple, and independent, sub-sensors and systems. Miros’ systems are in operation in the majority of Norwegian offshore installations, and in numerous foreign offshore production fields – both on fixed and floating platforms.

Our exports are gradually increasing due to a combination of both satisfied repeat customers and new buyers of our systems. Our export sales go to other North Sea countries like Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands and UK as well as Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, and USA.

Miros has a staff of 52 employees (Oct. 2012), all highly educated, and with extensive experience in fields like computer technology, electronics, remote sensing, oceanography, marine and offshore engineering and project management. Although the average age of our staff is 43 years, the skills and experience are excellent and very advanced. The low turnover of the staff gives Miros the stability required for maintaining our position in the market. Most of the Miros employees have an engineering degree.

Our office is in charming surroundings in Asker, about 20 minutes from Oslo by car. The premises are modern and of high quality with respect to the working environment.

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